Make Up Artist Transforms Her Lips Into Your Favorite Characters And I’m Not Sure Whether To Be Disgusted Or Amazed

Some people look like a totally different person when they wear make-up. That’s the case for Laura Jenkinson and her Instagram account. She basically puts makeup all around her mouth to look like one of your favorite pop culture icons.

In an interview with A Beautiful Mess, Laura detailed why she wanted to be in the beauty industry:

“I’m a massive film buff, and my favourites have always been fantasy films. I love watching Lord of The Rings, Pans Labyrinth etc purely to look at the makeup. So it was initially prosthetics and special effects that I wanted to learn and try to get into. I had wanted to train to do makeup since i was 17, but never got round to it. I was changing my mind constantly about what I wanted to do but the makeup element was always there. So just after I turned 21, I finally decided to take the plunge!”

So take a look for yourselves!

From Spongebob to Jon Snow to Linda Belcher, you will find

17. Pikachu

16. Pennywise

15. Dory

14. Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

13. The Beast

12. Spongebob

11. Lisa Simpson

10. Jafar

9. The Hulk

8. Jon Snow

7. Mike Wazowski

6. R2D2

5. Linda Belcher

4. Ursala

3. Sonic

2. Nigel Thornberry

1. Minions