The Internet Responded To IHOP Changing Their Name To IHOb And They Got Roasted

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple days, get out of there it can’t be comfortable! If this was the case though, you would have missed The International House Of Pancakes aka IHOP change the P in their acronym to a b. Before you say why would they change it from pancakes to breakfast, let me stop you there. The b isn’t for breakfast, but it’s for burgers.

I know you would never have choosen to go to IHOP for burgers, but now that they’ve changed your name aren’t you excited? No? Well that’s also the case with the rest of the world. Most figured this was a marketing ploy, but it seems that it’s basically backfired on them. Whatever focus group they tested with this idea failed them, brutally I might add.

It all started with a simple Tweet.

They even doubled down with this commercial…

But once the news broke, people weren’t that impressed. Twitter was on fire with the amount of roasting they were doing. Even celebrities got in the mix.

I thought the Twitterstorm was over, but it was just beginning. Other brands and IHOb competitors got in on the roast too.

Who knows if this is just a stunt, or if they are serious. Either way is this much bad publicity a good thing? Pretty sure I’m going to go to my favorite burger place before I ever think about going to an IHOb for anything.