There’s Such A Thing As Cotton Candy Grapes — And They Taste As Good As They Sound

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The “Designer Fruit” trend is very much a thing, bringing us mango nectarines, honey crisp apples and Cherokee purple tomatoes. But today’s fruit fad encompasses something much more than hybrid fruits: Cotton Candy Grapes.

Though it’s existed for the past few summers, the craze only picked up in August of 2017, and it’s a creation sure to still be trending for this coming season. The all-natural fruit is made by “hybridizing” two different grape species in a test tube through the plant’s baby embryos (it only took 100,000 test tube trials), growing them in the lab, and later replanting them in the field.


The grapes are then harvested, repackaged and sent off to the grocery stores. Created and distributed by Grapery, the sweet creation joins the ranks of other grape hybrids like Gum Drops, Moon Drops and Flavor Drops.

According to reports, the grapes have a lot less sugar than other snacks like raisins and typically sell for $6 a pound.

The best part is that they’re created without chemicals or artificial flavors, but instead with innovation and a lot of patience. Unfortunately, the season only lasts 6 weeks (from August 10-September 20), so make sure to grab a package (or two) once you see them hitting the shelves.

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