Man Who Spent Over $25K To Look Like David Beckham, Now He Wants To Look Like His Son, Brooklyn

These days, people don’t always want to be themselves. Some people want to be dragons, some want to have a million tattoos and piercings and some want to be entirely different people (by the way, read this and come back to those crazy people, you don’t want to miss them…).

Well we have the latter type of person here today, his name is even Jack Johnson and no there aren’t any banana pancakes involved. Johnson has spent over $25,000 to look like his idol David Beckham. He’s just 21 years old, and is now kinda homeless due to spending all that dough.

If you think you’ve heard of this dude before, you probably have. A couple years ago he went pretty viral for his shenanigans for wanting to look like the soccer star. Here he is on a British morning show, getting pretty grilled I might add.

Now that he’s been bending it like Beckham for a few years, he’s ready for another change. Talking to the Mirror he said:

“I’ve been busy finding myself over the last few months and now I want to look like Brooklyn Beckham.

David is obviously very attractive but he’s getting older now and I want a younger, fresher look.

Brooklyn is more in the limelight and now, when I go to my surgeon or beauty therapist, I take a picture of him.”

Now that he’s still spending boatloads of money on surgeries, Jack finds himself in debt and is couch surfing with friends. He’s still making money due to “sugar daddies” though he explains:

“It’s costing me a fortune and I’m not working so I have about five sugar daddies.

I don’t have to do anything intimate with them, I just go out for luxury dinners and attend exclusive events by their side.

It’s a simple transaction – they’re not really my friends.”

I love how he’s in debt but then he posts this image on Instagram (which only has 8 likes from his 12k (fake) followers.

He went onto say:

“My daddies make sure I can afford the surgery and they give me amazing gifts like designer handbags and clothes.

I’m always drinking champagne and eating nice food.”

What’s the latest trend Jack is doing? He’s getting vampire facials, which cost almost a thousand dollars. The procedure involves taking blood from your arm, extracting the plasma and then putting it into your face via needles. Yeah…

Johnson concluded this thought about his appearance:

“Now I’m much more comfortable and people who give me a hard time are just jealous and bitter.

It’s my body and I’m a grown man so I’m not ashamed of what I do. I want to be famous so I am working at it.”

Going forward, Jack wants to release a topless calendar. I’m not really sure what that means for a guy but let’s hope the best for him. Maybe then he won’t have to rely on his sugar daddies for income.