Nobody On The Street Can Name A Single Book Title On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ — And It’s Funny But Depressing

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Can you name a book? Well, congratulations. Apparently that puts you within America’s elite.

Citing a new study from the Pew Research Center, Jimmy Kimmel said that one in four Americans hasn’t read a book in the past year. Skeptical that people had really been honest with their survey answers, Kimmel’s team took to the street to ask everyday people to name a book — any book in the world.

After one after another people — of all ages, mind you — failed the simple task at hand, one man was confident he’d nailed it:

“I can name ‘Moby Dick,'” he says. “He wrote a book called ‘Horse.’ I like that book.”

Another woman attempted to find a loophole: “Do magazines count?” she asks.

“No, those wouldn’t be books,” a producer responds off-camera.

“That’s correct,” she concedes.

Watch in the video above. And then X out of the internet and go read a book.

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