This Cartoonist Imagines What Happens To Our Favorite Characters If They Got Old And They Are Breathtaking

We always to get to see our favorite fictional characters in their prime, but what happens when they age? That’s what Russian artist, Lesya Guseva set out to do with her series called “Pensioners.” Whether it’s Marvel, Disney or DC your favorite characters are somewhere in this list.

15. The Flash

14. Snow White And Captain America

13. Spiderman

12. The Little Mermaid

11. Mickey And Minnie

10. Genie And Dr. Strange

9. Iron Man

8. Deadpool

7. Batman

6. The Joker

5. Superman, Pocahontas And Rocket Raccoon

4. Thor

3. Harley Quinn

2. Cat Woman

1. The Hulk and Loki