Video Shows People Intentionally Throwing Rocks At Seals So They Are Forced To Jump Off A Cliff

People can just be awful sometimes, and for some reason people are awful to animals way too much in our society. If the Golden Rule was even thought about in half of these cases, I would hope that these degenerates would see the errors in their ways.

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Anyways, St Mary’s Seal Watch posted a video on their Facebook of the most horrid situation. Basically three people were videoed reading and then disobeying a sign to stay away from the seals. Then they begin scavenging for rocks to throw at the seals on the cliff. St Mary’s Seal Watch posted the video in hopes to raise awareness against this kind of harassment.

Image Via Facebook

They posted the video along with the caption:

“This malicious act was carried out on St. Mary’s Island Nature Reserve and seen from the mainland on Saturday 9th June at around 9.00pm. We have had other visitors saying they have witnessed the same thing over this season.”

They went onto say:

“This footage is not to name and shame the individuals but to highlight some of the problems the wildlife faces on the reserve and the stark contrast between the recent Springwatch clip of the island in all its majestic glory and the reality for most of the wildlife here which is subjected to repeated disturbance rarely finding the tranquillity shown in the beautiful Springwatch footage.”

Image Via Facebook

The Seal Watch just wanted to cause awareness for this careless display of inhumanity though, and I think they achieved that.

“The behaviour in this clip is abhorrent, however the most prolific disturbance source to all the wildlife is those carrying out recreational activities on the wildlife sensitive areas of the island.

Without protection St. Mary’s Island Nature Reserve is no haven for the wildlife but a place where visitor pressure prevents any chance of the wildlife thriving.

We know that many visitors show respect and consideration when visiting this wildlife sensitive site and will themselves have seen too often the acts of a few spoil it not just for the animals but for all those responsible visitors as well.”

Image Via Facebook

They concluded:

“If you see people ignoring Council signs requesting visitors avoid the wildlife sensitive areas report it to staff in the Lighthouse.

If the Lighthouse is not open email

If you see any activity of intentional harassment call 101 and report it.

If in doubt as to what you should do please contact St. Mary’s Seal Watch for advice.

If you believe more should be done to preserve the Nature Reserve and protect our local wildlife by those in authority, please write to a North Tyneside Councillor or local MP.”

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful cause, take a look at their website here and save the seals!

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