Girl Finds Eerie Warnings About Ghosts Hidden Under Her Floor

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Moving into an old house usually means you’ll have to do some renovations, but rarely does it entail deciphering messages from ghosts.

Imgur user Jennybo86 found a “time capsule” hidden within her subfloor.

The user shared photos of the disturbing warnings scrawled in sharpie, as well as precious family photos taped to the floor.

Many of the messages mentioned paranormal activity.

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The alleged ghost apparently does not enjoy CSI:NY.

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One of the scariest notes implies the mother who once lived in the house either died or disappeared. Either way, there seems to have been violent activity.

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Based on the photos Jennybo86 posted on Imgur, two small boys now live in the house.

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Regardless of whether or not the new family decides to stay in the seemingly haunted house, they should definitely stay away from CSI: NY.

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