Woman Posts Picture Online And What She Is Wearing Is Making Every Man That Sees It Angry

Katy Stoll had no clue what type of Twitter storm she was starting. Stoll is a podcaster, writer, producer and actor and she recently tweeted out an image that she thought was innocent enough.

Image Via Katystoll Instagram

It was a picture of herself and she was wearing a shirt with the phrase, “The Past Is Male.” It’s safe to say her followers weren’t a huge fan of it.

Image Via Katystoll Twitter

They thought that she was suggesting that people forget all of the contributions from males and only go forward with women’s accomplishments.

After she posted the image as her profile photo, some people responded harshly to her intentions:

These are obviously not the intentions of Katy at all, but merely the opposite but it seems that these boneheads couldn’t get the picture so she had to explain it out for them.

After a few of these tweets she responded to the bulk of the claims with:

“Some of your sensitive souls are concerned about my shirt! Allow me to explain.

‘The Past is Male’ doesn’t mean I hate men, it means the past was a sexist patriarchy & the future is about equality.

It’s more inclusive than the ‘future is female’ and also funny. Hope that helps!”

It was annoying that Katy had to mansplain her point that didn’t need any explanation at all. Others responded positively and understood the underlying issue.

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