Haunted High School In Ireland As A Second Video And Our Stomachs Just Dropped Again

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Surveillance footage capturing a “ghost” terrorizing the halls of a school in Ireland is going viral online … again.

The same allegedly haunted high school, Deerpark C.B.S, whose video of a “ghost” that had the internet grasping for an explanation last month, just released new eerie footage.

The second video, which was captured by the school’s security cameras around 5:30 a.m. last Thursday and uploaded to YouTube shortly after shows even more disturbing activity.

The footage shows a series of unexplained events from chairs mysteriously levitating, to bookbags careening from storage cubbies, and posters flying off the walls.


At the time the first video went viral, school officials weren’t sure if they were dealing with an actual poltergeist or a simply a “very well-designed prank” from students.

However, the school’s principal, Aaron Wolfe, previously said there’s been a history of similarly creepy events that have occurred at the school, which is apparently the oldest school in the city at nearly 200 years old, according to the school website.

“Our caretaker has worked in the school for over 30 years, he recalls many stories of ‘paranormal activity,'” Wolfe said.


“For example, on one occasion the school was hosting an exotic bird show, and the birds arrived the day before, because the organizers were worried that someone might break in and steal the birds, someone had to stay overnight.,” Wolfe recalled.

“That person left the school in the middle of the night – they refused to stay any longer as they said that they heard ‘the last call’ being played on a trumpet – of course this could have just been the wind.”

As if kids didn’t already have reasons to skip school.

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