Man Calls Police Because A Guy Was Eating A Burrito On A Train In California

In this week’s round of “Sorry for white people being stupid” we have a guy, that I’m calling #BurritoBenjamin, sticking to the very strict rules on the public transit system for California.

I’m not sure if you have ever ridden the Bay Area Rapid Transit system aka the BART, but it’s not clean at all. There’s signs to not eat or drink or do any nasty stuff, but when I was in San Francisco I saw a woman clipping her nails. Basically it’s not the cleanest place to be and people understand that.

Image Via ABC 7

Well this past week a video went viral on Reddit when a man called the police on a dude that was eating a burrito. Everyone around him thought that it was very laughable as did the guy eating the burrito because he just continued to chow down on it. If Chipotle was smart they would give him free burritos for life.

I bet #PermitPatty is stoked for a new police-calling white person getting in the news for something so silly again.

Man on BART calls for police to report another rider “dining” on the train. from r/PublicFreakout

In the video the man states that there is “no eating or drinking” and apparently it was something that needed police attention. One of my favorite parts of the video is some dude walks by with a Starbucks drink and he isn’t getting the police called on him.

The guy went onto say:

“You can’t wait? The sign says no eating and drinking. You don’t get it? You must be stupid.”

Someone else commented on the Reddit thread that it would have been funny if the, “Next passenger sits down and opens up his burrito.” This guy probably would have lost his mind if that had happen.

Image Via Reddit

It looks like the internet already named this guy #BurritoBob (I liked Benjamin better) but this Tweet had me dying from laughter.

Other top commented included things like:

“Must be his first time in the city…”

“I used to work with high functioning mentally disabled adults.

One of them was independent in the community during the day, and would often ride the bus to/from various locations. That is…until we got a call from the police saying that our resident was making a commotion on the bus, and was no longer allowed to ride alone.

Turns out, he was walking up and down the aisle yelling at anyone who was eating or drinking on the bus.

So yeah…this guy in the video reminds me of a mentally who is on a justice streak.”

“You hate public transit because once in a blue moon someone blows a gasket on someone else about eating? In almost 10 years of time riding Bart, I’ve never done across anyone that cared.”

Image Via Reddit

Usually you offend people after you eat a burrito but it seems like #BurritoBob will get you when you are least expecting it!

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