A Chilling Look Inside The House That Made Serial Murderer Jeffrey Dahmer

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Some would say that the house you grow up plays a part in shaping who you are as a person.

But if that’s the case for 4480 W Bath Road in Akron, Ohio, there must be something seriously disturbing going on with this property.

Image Via Zillow
Image Via Zillow

What appears to be an ordinary, suburban ranch was once home to serial murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer murdered his first victim, Steven Hicks, in this very house back in 1978 before scattering Hicks’ remains around the property.

Image Via Zillow
Image Via Zillow

Dahmer later moved to Wisconsin where he murdered 16 more victims over the course of the next 13 years.

The wooded home boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms across the 2,170 square feet of space where one can disturbingly imagine a young Dahmer playing and running around.

But perhaps we saved the most disturbing piece for last — the home was recently available for rent during this year’s Republican National Convention at a rate of $8,000 per week.

Image Via Zillow

Howard Hanna, the official housing provider for the convention, made sure to add a line about the house being a former home to an infamous killer in their listing before the convention.

The home last sold in December 2005 for $244,500 to Chris Butler, founder of the band “The Waitresses”.

It’s estimated to be worth around $264,555.

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