After Being Lost In A Flooded Cave For 9 Days, Missing Boys And Their Coach Are Found Alive

Normally when you go on vacation you take the warnings of the locals in consideration. If someone warns you about the water and not to drink it you listen, but what about the non-drinking water? That’s what this coach and his boys encountered when they went on a float trip.

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The boys who are in between the ages of 11 and 16 were found with their coach who is 25 years old recently after being trapped in a cave that had flooded. Thai Navy SEAL divers conducted a diligent search for the group after finding their bicycles by the entrance to the cave.


Even though there were signs at that entrance, the coach and boys proceeded into the potentially deadly flooding caves. Eventually rescuers found their shoes ands bags inside the cave but still no actual survivors.

A statement was issued by Senior Thai government officials, saying that time was running out for the group and they weren’t sure if they would find them in time.

Water levels kept rising as divers continued to look. The original entrance became completely flooded so they had to figure another way into the cave.

Sgt Kresada Wanaphum from the Thai army said in a statement that, “Water is the biggest challenge. There is a lot of debris and sand that gets stuck while pumping.”

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The cave, Tham Luang, is Thailand’s fourth longest cave so there are multiple entrances but it was difficult to even locate them with overgrown brush all over.

Joshua Morris who helps take people through climbing tours all over Thailand said this to the BBC:

“What flooded is a narrow passage about 2km (1.4 miles) into the cave. If the kids are on the other side of that, they might be in a higher chamber which is still dry.

Being trapped in a cave like this is probably one of the most horrific things one could experience.

Diving in a cave like this is very dangerous. The water is moving, it’s muddy and there is almost no visibility. That means the children – if found alive – might have be supplied for longer time until the water can be brought back down.”

Image Via BBC

Over 1,000 people including army, navy, local administrative workers and volunteers helped in the search along with three British divers and US military. Just think if the coach would have followed the signs directions, none of this would have happened.

Before the rescue was over with, friends and family members set up camp outside the entrance to perform traditional Thai rituals. They even left out food and flowers to guide the boys back out safely.

Thankfully all 12 boys and the coach had signs of life when rescuers found them.

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