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Woman Live-Tweets Two Strangers On A Plane Flirting And It Quickly Went Viral


Who knew that changing up your seat on an airplane could lead someone to the love of their life. Good thing we have Twitter to document how the whole thing went down. Rosey Blair was boarding her plane with her boyfriend but the two didn’t have seats together.

She asked a woman to switch spots with her so the two could sit together. The woman obliged and little did she know, that would be her best decision of the day. Once the switch happened, the woman sat next to her new seatmate who the internet would dub, #PlaneBae.

Take a look at how it all went down from Rosey’s perspective.

After all this went down, we all found out who the guy actually was. USA Today did some real investigative reporting and found out that he was Euan Holden, a former soccer player who spent time in two lower-level European leagues.

Once he figured out he had gone viral without knowing, he had a good laugh too.

The Today Show even had Holden on their program and he said that, “From the moment we kind of buckled our seat belts until we touched down on the ground, the conversation sort of took off.”

The two are planning on connecting again Holden said, so it looks like love on a plane can happen for anyone!

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