Poor, Sick Pit Bull Was Left Outside An Animal Shelter Inside Of A Birdcage

Normally when you see a bird cage, you expect one of two things. First off you might expect to see an actual bird in there. If you don’t see that then you might think, “Hmmm wonder where the bird that’s supposed to be in this cage is…”

You most certainly would never think a dog should or even could fit into a bird cage, but that’s the site that staff found from Animal Aid one morning in May. More specifically it was a pit bull that someone had abandoned at their door in the worst way possible.

The neglected dog had bad mange all around her and her skin had sores all over. They also found that she had given birth to many litters.

Image Via Animal Aid

The staff at Animal Aid posted photos online and they caught the eye of Regina Vlasek who is the founder of Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation. Regina talked to The Dodo and said:

“It was just so pathetic. She wouldn’t even hold her head up — she was just so sad.”

Regina could also not believe that the dog was being held in a birdcage of all things. She contacted Animal Aid and asked them to transfer the care of the dog to her. They said yes and she picked “Birdie” within the day.

Image Via Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

Once Regina got Birdie, they went to the vet to get her a proper check up, and they found out a lot. Birdie was three years old and seemed like she had an allergy to dust mites. She also had a staph infection due to her open wounds. The vet wanted to get her to the road to recovery asap.

Regina continued onto The Dodo:

“I would say that the reason the majority of people leave their dogs is because they can’t properly care for medical conditions. For people who don’t have enough money, it can be almost overwhelming.”

Image Via Animal Aid

Even though Birdie wasn’t feeling the greatest, she never was angry or sad. She was rather happy and just grateful for the love. Regina said:

“She’s always just so grateful and happy for attention and love. With that skin condition that she had before, she smelled really bad … so I assume that she was looked at as if she was gross. We didn’t really care — we loved her anyways. And we love her up and hug her, and she’s just so grateful to be with people, and have attention and to be with other dogs. So she’s pretty perfect.”

For now, Birdie is living with Amanda Trainer, a foster dog mom. She told The Dodo:

“Birdie is a very sociable and playful dog. She lives with me and my three other dogs and she also does well around my 3-year-old nieces.”

So I guess that awful rumor about pit bulls being bad around kids in super false right? If you want to know more about Birdie and her journey check her out here!

Image Via Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation