Fights Are Breaking Out At Build-A-Bear Because Of The Nine Hour Wait Due To Their “Pay Your Age” Day

I’m not sure if you ever went to Build-A-Bear as a child, but I definitely didn’t. I was never into that stuff and I have a feeling my parents thanked my younger self for that fact. The overpriced bears garner a lot of attention from the kids and parents must oblige I guess.

Parents must have been happy when they saw the news that Build-A-Bear was throwing a “Pay Your Age” day. The company released a press release saying:

“As part of the one-day deal, Guests who visit a store in person that day can pay their current age, in dollars (U.S. & Canada) or pounds (U.K.), for any Make-Your-Own furry friend available in the store in celebration of the launch of the Build-A-Bear “Count Your Candles” birthday experience.”

They even gave some ‘pro tips’ such as:

” – Adults, parents and guardians are encouraged to enroll in the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club online before
arriving at stores on July 12 to save time at checkout.

– The person wishing to pay his or her age must be present at the time of purchase.

– Guests at U.S. and Canada stores can purchase a furry friend unstuffed, if they prefer to come back
for stuffing at another time.”

They go on to say some more nonsense but, basically bring your 2 year old in for a teddy bear and you will pay two bucks. The only problem was that everyone and their mother wanted to save some cash today, so the lines were a bit outrageous.

Someone even predicted what would happen and nope it wasn’t The Simpsons this time…

The madness has already been going on today in the United Kingdom with nine hour wait times and yes fights have broken out. Fiona O’Reilly told The Sun:

“It was complete madness. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few riots over this today.

I managed to get there early and it took just over an hour for me to get all four bears.

There’s already people fighting in the queues!”

Honestly, I would buy an Alex Trebek bear, but I digress…

Another Twitter user said:

“If you feel the need to queue for 9 hours at a build a bear.. making your kid also queue that amount of time… I think you need to re prioritise your parenting… utter ridiculous. Does however highlight the ridiculous price @buildabear charge anyway. Such a rip off #BuildABear”

Parents have been going off on the above post, complaining about the long lines but really what is Build-A-Bear supposed to do about that? They have a product that every nose-pickin kid wants so yeah there’s going to be long lines. It’s like Apple saying you can pay your age for the newest iPhone. Another World War would begin due to that line probably.

Take a look at some of these outrageous lines for yourself. Time is money people, your paying for these dumb bears in full price, trust me.

Yeah you couldn’t pay me to stand in that toddler stricken line…