23 Times People Shamed Their Cats For The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done

Get ready for an unpopular opinion but…cats aren’t my favorite. It could be because I’ve never met a cat that was nice to me and met every dog ever that is nice to me. I’m pretty jaded towards dogs but this Instagram account doesn’t help that at all.

It basically details cats that have been mean to their owners. I’m not sure if cat-shaming is a thing but after seeing these cats you might believe in it.


22. “I was trying to knock down the flags behind me. My hooman said no. Here is my reply.”



19. “Last night I puked, on my moms bed, right beside her pillow so she wouldn’t have to step in it. I’m a thoughtful guy!”


17. “I stole some ham on Christmas Day to have for lunch. However my owners are vegetarian so I guess the neighbours must be missing something!”

16. “Got a catnip toy for my Birthday. Things got a little crazy…”

15. “I’m loki and I don’t let anyone play with my toy box!”

14. “Hello my name is Connie (not my actual name as I’m a stray and the family I harass gave me that name) I was fed once and now I expect to be fed everyday and if I’m not fed I’ll meow until they come out and feed me and if they ignore me then I meow and stare at them from the kitchen window (without blinking) till they do.”

13. “My parents have a king size bed & I constantly take my Dad’s side of the bed, leaving him no room to lie down.”

12. My name is Mina, part of the neighbourhood watch & I like to make sure that next door is doing a proper job at gardening.

11. “My name is Bentley. The human kitten has recently started sleeping through the night so I like to howl at 3am. Either the human kitten wakes up and Mum pats me while she feeds it, or she pats me to make me stop. Either way, pats for me!!”

10. “Hello I am Barnaby and I think that I am pretty cute. In the middle of the night I love to wake up my hoomans. When I am done I immediately go back to sleep and make sure that they are fully awake.”


8. “We are Maxwell and Fausto. In great thanks for being switched to an all wet-food diet, we decided to projectile vomit around the house in concert at 3am. Thank you, Dr Vet Lady.”

7. “Luna, affectionately known as Poona, stealing some meat after daddy didn’t tidy up from his BBQ”