This Island Might Be The Most Bizarre Place In The World

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Socotra is the most isolated island in the world and lies 200 miles southeast off the coast of Yemen

What makes Socotra so different is the rare plants that can not be found anywhere else on earth.

Because of Socotra’s harsh weather conditions, the plants on the island have molded into unique forms in order to survive.

One of the most distinct plants on the island is the ‘Dragon’s blood tree’. The name comes from the red color of the sap which has multiple uses. The native inhabitants use the sap for many herbal medicines, incense as well as dying fabrics.

Another notable plant is the ‘Desert Rose’ or bottle plant named for its massive trunk that has evolved over time to store water during droughts

The beaches of Socotra is known for its clear and pristine waters. The islands hosts plenty of natural water pools

Over 43,000 people who live in Socotra. The natives of the island live traditional lifestyles, mostly working as fishermen and animal herders.

Researchers discovered historic inscriptions inside Socotra’s natural caves dating back to between 1 and 6 AD.

There’s no doubt Socotra island is one of the most unique places on this earth.

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