‘Disgusting’ Photos Show Vendors Bring Shopping Carts Full Of Raw, Unpackaged Meat Into Grocery Store

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A grocery store in San Jose, California, is under investigation after a customer snapped photos of a vendor bringing shopping carts full of unpackaged meat into the facility.

The nauseating photos, shared on Facebook by Loretta Seto, allegedly show vendors transporting a massive haul of raw, uncovered meat slabs into 99 Ranch Market using Costco shopping carts.

“Beware: Costco shopping carts,” Seto wrote in her now-viral post.

“We were at the 99 Ranch Market across from this Costco and saw their vendors delivering meat with Costco shopping carts!! Talk about disgusting! I’m usually okay with sticking the kids in the seat of the basket, but this is a whole new level of gross. Beware.”

The stomach-turning photos have been shared over 2,000 times since they were posted on Thursday.

According to WPMT, 99 Ranch Market commented on the post saying that the store “immediately discarded on-hand inventories of the related pork products” and filed a complaint against the vendor, identified as Jim’s Farm Meat.

Maria Moon, a spokeswoman from Jim’s Farm Meat, told the Modesto Bee that the employees seen pushing the carts in the viral photos have been fired.

“We are thoroughly investigating the incident,” she told the outlet. “This isn’t anything we typically do. When we send our products out, they are always in a combo bin and wrapped. That’s how it left our facility.”

The Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health is now investigating the incident, officials told NBC Bay Area.

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