Someone Found This Puppy Tied Up To Some Railroad Tracks Before Anything Terrible Happened

When you are just minding your own business and doing your Sunday morning chores you don’t think you will see anything that crazy. That wasn’t the case for Jared Twedell when he was driving to drop off his recyclables this past Sunday.

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At first he thought he saw a deer lying on the train tracks near the recycling center, but then he got a closer look and his heart probably dropped. After whistling to the animal to see if it would leave the tracks, he noticed that it was indeed a dog. Even worse, the dog was tied to the tracks and couldn’t get away.

Image Via Jared Twedell

Twedell spoke to The Dodo and said:

“I went into panic mode. He tried to walk toward the car and the rope pulled him back.”

He rushed to save the pup, not knowing how much time he had. He knew the train came at least a few times a day. Twedell continued on, saying:

“He was obviously scared. I was worried about whether or not he would let me get close to him. I patted my leg and said, ‘Hey little buddy!’ His tail just started wagging. That’s when I knew he would be OK with me approaching him.”

Image Via Jared Twedell

All Twedell was trying to do was to get this dog out of harms way. Once he found the knot, he knew this hadn’t been some sort of accident. He said:

“The rope was tied in a figure eight, like you would use to tie a boat to a dock. Someone did this 100 percent on purpose. It just made me sick.”

Once he got in the car, the dog was immensely grateful, wagging his tail all over. Twedell knew he would take the dog back to his home and family.

Image Via Jared Twedell

Originally Twedell named the dog “Train” but this he and his family decided on “Samson.” The Twedells weren’t strangers to having animals in their home. They already had two rescue dogs, cats and a Flemish giant rabbit. Samson got along with the whole family just fine, like it was meant to be.

Twedell said that:

“The dogs have all been getting along great. All they’ve been doing since I brought Samson home is play.”

Image Via Jared Twedell

Twedell concluded:

“He’s definitely rambunctious and really big. I’m sure someone got him thinking they’ll end up with a tiny puppy, not expecting him to already be 60 pounds at 6 months old. He’s still so young, and it was over 100 degrees with no shade out there. I don’t think he would have made it out there, even if a train didn’t come through.”

Twedell is just fostering the pup for now, but we all know how that usually ends up. Samson will eventually be a full fledged member of the Twedell family!

This just goes to show you how important recycling really is!

Image Via Jared Twedell

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