These Gummy Bears Help You Get Tan And You Don’t Even Have To Go Outside

In the day and age of smart phones and everything being on a screen, there is no real reason to go outside. Well there is the pool and such but that’s so much work right! Well don’t worry anymore because the drug of the century is about to wow you. No it’s not the cure for cancer or anything that would actually help society, it’s a drug that helps you keep that nice bronze finish.


I bet you don’t want to look like a cheeto also, so the real question is how does not let that happen? The product is called, “Sun Gummies” and it’s made by UTAN & Tone. And vegans, don’t worry they are good for you as well as anyone worried about artificial flavorings. I guess that must mean they have real raspberries in them, since that’s the flavor they come in.

They are currently available on and their product description reads:

“From the creators of Tan Gummies, another worlds first developed by healthcare professionals using tried and tested traditional ingredients.

These delicious Apple Lemonade flavoured Gummies can be taken without water, making them perfect for on-the-go living.

With copper for the maintenance of normal skin pigmentation; Vitamin E to help protect the skin from oxidative stress; Vitamin C to help with the formation of collagen in the skin & Zinc & Riboflavin to help protect the skin from oxidative stress.”

And they aren’t using sex to sell at all right? I don’t see any signs of that…

Wanna know more about the actual product? SuperDrug goes on to say:

“With any sun exposure an SPF is essential. Sun Gummies™ are not, and do not contain SPF.

Sun Gummies™ are not intended to and will not protect your skin from exposure or long term sun damage. It is essential to protect your skin with a protective sun screen.

Sun Gummies™ allow potent actives to be held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, resulting in “direct absorption” through the membranes in the cheek walls. Using tried & tested traditional ingredients for tanning supplementation.

Vegan friendly. Gluten Free. GMO Free. No Artificial Flavors or Colors!”

Customers seem to be loving it so far, saying things like:

“My tan is honestly the best its been in years. My wife takes the tan gummies and seems to now swear by them, she does have a great tan.

I just wanted something to accelerate the holiday tan and have done so with success at quite a reasonable price. They are also quite enjoyable to eat, I eat mine after meals to curb my sweet tooth.”

A lot of people are skeptical on social media, but reviews are nothing but glowing…see what I did there? Only time will tell because this will likely go viral and who knows what random side effects people will find!