Winning Photos From The Dog Photographer Of The Year Contest Are All You Need To See Today

Recently The Kennel Club that’s located in England, concluded their annual dog photographer competition. There were over 10,000 submissions from 70 different countries.

After all those pictures of good boys, I think they found some amazing photos from all sorts of different people and dogs. Take a look and judge for yourself, I think the puppy division was my favorite though!

Assistance Dogs:

Image Via Dean Mortimer

First Place
Rocko, German shepherd, U.K.

Image Via Maria Cristina Nadalin

Second Place
“The Magic of Reading”
Messi, golden retriever, Brazil

Image Via Craig Turner-Bullock

Third Place
“A Veteran’s Best Friend”
Delta, white Swiss shepherd, New Zealand


Image Via Klaus Dyba

First Place
“Little Ceylin”
Ceylin, Italian greyhound, Germany

Image Via Charlie Nunn

Second Place
“Sticking Together”
Beagle mix puppies, U.S.

Image Via Robyn Pope

Third Place
“Let’s Call It Roly Poly Puppy”
Snickers, crossbreed puppy photographed for Doodle Rock Rescue, U.S.

I Love Dogs Because…:

Image Via Tamara Kedves

First Place
“One Heart, One Family”
Dash, Royal, Harley, Ženka, Ryan, Ready; border collies; Hungary

Image Via Elise Finney

Second Place
“Simply a Ball”
Darcy, crossbreed (cocker and poodle), U.K.

Image Via Kirsten van Ravenhorst

Third Place
“Hide and Seek”
Big City Borders Lad, border collie, Netherlands

Man’s Best Friend:

Image Via Joana Matos

First Place
“Dolce Far Niente on a Lovely Afternoon”
Godji, Portuguese Podengo crossbreed, Portugal

Image Via Sherilyn Vineyard

Second Place
“Divine Connection”
Kodi, age 10, yellow Lab/golden retriever mix, U.S.

Image Via Cheryl Murphy

Third Place
Ruby Roo, golden retriever, U.K.

Dogs At Play:

Image Via Elinor Roizman

First Place
“I’ll Catch You”
Lili, Pomeranian, Israel

Image Via Steffi Cousins

Second Place
“Flying Free”
Heidi, merle Chihuahua, U.K.

Image Via Sarah Beeson

Third Place
“Snowy Shenanigans”
Daffy, Taz and Wile E. (left to right); Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers; U.S.

Young Pup Photographer (11 years and under):

Image Via Mariah Mobley

First Place
“My Best Friend Roxy”
Roxy, German shepherd, U.S.

Image Via Sienna Wemyss

Second Place
Dallas, whippet, U.K.

Image Via Mariah Mobley

Third Place
Monty, German shorthaired pointer, U.K.


Image Via Monica van der Maden

First Place and Overall Winner
“The Lady of the Mystery Forest”
Noa, Great Dane, Netherlands

Image Via Rachele Z Cecchini

Second Place
“On a Rainy Day”
Nilo, crossbreed and rescue dog, Austria

Image Via Philip Wright

Third Place
Bentley, German shorthaired pointer, U.K.

Dogs At Work:

Image Via Tracy Kidd

First Place
“Wayne’s Team”
(Back row) Skye, age 13, lemon working cocker. (Front row) Jenny, age 9, liver working cocker. Pippin, age 1, yellow retriever. Milly, age 4, black retriever. Bramble, age 6, lemon/white working cocker. Ember, age 3, yellow retriever. Bonnie, age 4, yellow/white working cocker. U.K.

Image Via Richard Lane

Second Place
“Springer in the Mist”
Tarly, English springer spaniel, U.K.

Image Via Ian Squire

Third Place
“I’ve Got Your Back”
Nyx, German shepherd, U.K.

Rescue Dogs and Dog Charities:

Image Via Sonya Kolb

First Place
“Found My Way Home”
Cooper, Labrador retriever mix and rescue dog, U.S.

Image Via Leslie Plesser

Second Place
“Happy Girl Rescued”
Magda, crossbreed (Hungarian vizsla and Labrador retriever), U.S.

Image Via Christina Roemmelt

Third Place
“Over the Sea of Fog”
Dania, Crossbreed Portuguese Podengo, Austria

Dog Portrait:

Image Via Carol Durrant

First Place
“Glenturret Autumn Gold”
Crew, Darcie, Pagan (Glenturret); flat-coated retrievers; U.K.

Image Via Katarzyna Siminiak

Second Place
“Waiting Beauty”
Thalia, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, Poland

Image Via Michael M Sweeney

Third Place
“A Winter’s Storm”
Hugo, Pomeranian, U.K.