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9 Amazing Airbnbs For Your Next Vacation

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Skip the traditional trip to the beach by forgoing the all-inclusive resort.

Instead check out these amazing Airbnb rentals that will make your next vacation that much more magical.

1. Pioneertown, CA – $380 a night: Escape all the noise by staying in this beautiful home in a remote California desert. The house is powered by solar panels with no TV or wifi, so you can go off the grid.

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2. Pittsburgh, PA – $165 a night: This artist’s house doubles as their studio with mirrors covering the interior and exterior of the house. The artist hideaway also has some original artwork on the walls that aren’t covered in mirrors.

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3. Bali, Indonesia – $335 a night: You can stay along the Ayung River Gorge in a house completely made of bamboo. The ‘Sunrise House’ is just one of the a few villas created here in 2010.

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4. Isla Mujeres, Mexico – $308 a night: Never leave the beach by staying in a house architecturally designed to look like a seashell.

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5. Nashville, TN – $101 a night: You don’t actually need to be a chart-topping rock star to travel like one. Stay on a converted tour bus in the heart of country music to really feel like a celebrity.

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6. Terrebonne, OR – $249 a night: Fashioned out of an old forest service fire lookout, this square, three story tower offers unobstructed views of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

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7. Cottonwood, ID – $98 a night: The Dog Bark Park Inn lets visitors stay inside a beagle-shaped condo, so they won’t feel bad for leaving their pet behind on vacation.

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