Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Shave Before A Job Interview

Getting ready for a job interview can be tough. You have to get your mindset ready to answer the important questions but you also have to look presentable. Those are two pretty easy steps for most of us, but when you are homeless it makes it a bit more tough.

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That’s the situation Phil from Tallahassee, Florida found himself in. He even had an initial interview that went great by all standards. The woman from McDonalds said he could have the job as long as he showed up the next time with a cleanly shaven face.


Phil was already halfway there because he had gotten a razor, but it was broken and he didn’t know how to fix it. That’s when Police Department Officer, Tony Carlson, pulled up to the rescue.

He spoke at a press conference after the fact recalling what had happened:

“I saw [a man], who turned out to be Phil, out front trying to shave, having some trouble with his razor.

As I got out of my car, he asked me if I knew anything about fixing a razor, because it was broken, and if I could look at it.

For whatever reason, instead of just getting in my car and leaving, I went over there and I looked at it, and it was missing a screw.”

After Officer Carlson fixed the razor, Phil went back to the task at hand. He tried to begin shaving but then he ran into his next problem. He didn’t have a mirror. So he could hack away at his face and have no clue if it looked good or not. Carlson witnessed this as well and offered to shave Phil.

Carlson continued to say:

“I wish I could’ve done more, but in between calls for services, this was the best I could do.”

Greg Wallenfelsz was passing by and was able to get the whole thing on video.

Carlson was very humble and concluded:

“It happens all the time, It just so happens this time somebody caught it on film.

Officers all over the place… our department, the Sheriff’s department, other cities… they’re always doing things like this that don’t get the attention that this just happened to get.”

So that happened a few days ago and went viral. Since, news of Carlson and Phil has spread across the nation. Good news also, Phil got the job at McDonalds!

Greg Tish who is a local radio personality caught up with Phil to talk about how everything went down.

Anyone down for a roadtrip to that Florida McDonalds to meet Phil and help him out more!?

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