Man’s Horrific Photo Will Make You Never Want To Use A Wire Grill Brush Again

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A man from Nova Scotia, Canada, took to Facebook last week to share a terrifying warning after a casual night of backyard barbecuing turned into a catastrophe.

Chester Poole, 63, says he was eating a hamburger cooked on his grill on Sunday night when he felt himself swallow something alarming.

“I tried to spit it out and tried to cough up anything that may be there,” he wrote. “Upon eating my second bite I felt a needle like pain in my throat.”

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In his since-deleted post, Poole went on to describe the terrifying ordeal that ensued after he ate the tainted burger.

I spent 5 hours in out patients and after some xrays (sic) they determined that I had a foreign like straight object in my throat. After an IV i was sent home and they were going to try to get a surgeon in Yarmouth to extract it. Monday morning the out patients doctor called and said that i would need to go to Halifax as no one in Yarmouth had the equipment or expertise to remove.

Eventually, an ENT doctor in Halifax, Canada, was able to use a scope to extract the source of Poole’s woes — a 1-inch-long piece of metal that had come off his wire barbecue brush.

Our brush is in good shape and i hardly use it. He says he gave up his brushes 10 yrs ago because he sees this sort of thing a lot. The thing that was concerning was that he said a lot of times they cannot be found because they imbed themselves in the soft tissue of your throat and that you end up doing more damage by poking around trying to find it to remove. They end up leaving them there and you live with the discomfort.

Ultimately, Poole says he shared his horrifying photo to educate others about the little-known dangers of such a common summer activity.

“Every time i was swallowing it felt like a needle was in there. Not fun,” he wrote. “The thing that bothered me was that if we had provided burgers to anyone else, especially our grand children it would have been worst. I do not believe a small child would have been able to go through the procedure to remove very easily at all. ”

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