16 Unusual Uses For Baby Powder

You may hear the word “baby powder” and only think it has a couple of uses. Sure, everyone knows it can do magic for your hair, and, of course, for your baby’s tush. But in reality, baby powder is so much more than that.

Whether it’s for your skin or for your home, baby powder will change your life. Squeaky floors? Baby powder. Razor burn? Baby powder? Smelly dog? You got it, baby powder.

Trust us, after reading about these baby powder hacks, you’ll want to keep a bottle of this miracle powder on you at all times. It’s the product you didn’t know your life needed.

Bring it with you to the beach, when you clean and even on a night out, because this product is life-changing. Scroll through below to read about the most unusual, but necessary, uses for baby powder:

16. Sweat stains

Iron in sprinkles of baby powder to get rid of yellow sweat stains.

15. Fuller eyelashes

Use a clean mascara brush to add baby powder to your lashes. This trick primes them, adds volume and makes them look longer. After, apply mascara normally.


14. Cool sheets

Instead of flipping to the cool side of your pillow, add a dash of baby powder in between the mattress and top sheet. Not only will any sweat be absorbed, but it’ll keep your sheets cool on hot nights.

13. Use as deodorant

On cooler days, pat baby powder under arms to absorb sweat and add a fresh smell.


12. Make high heels more comfortable

Sprinkle baby powder in high heels to absorb sweat and keep your feet from swelling.

11. Stop smelly dogs

In between grooming, sprinkle baby powder in the dog’s fur and brush through. Not only will the fur shine and smell clean, it will keep until next wash.


10. Stop friction in rubber gloves

Moisture and rubber gloves do not mix well. Before putting on your cleaning gloves, coat hands lightly in baby powder. This will stop friction and make sure you can get those gloves off quickly.

9. Get rid of grease and oil stains

Sprinkle baby powder on grease and oil stains, and dab with water. It basically lifts the stain from the shirt! After the next wash, those clothes will look good as new!


8. Use as makeup setter

If you ever run out of face powder or makeup setter, add a brush or too of baby powder. Plus, it’ll help with the shine!

7. Help with razor burn

If your skin is irritated by a razor, stop inflammation with a few pats of baby powder.


6. Hide smelly shoes

Old shoes, inevitably, will make your feet smell, even if you wear socks! Add in some baby powder to absorb sweat and mask the smell.

5. Stop creaking floor boards

If you notice an uneven or particular irritating floorboard that won’t stop sounding, toss in some baby powder into the seams. It’ll stop the friction, thus silencing the noise!


4. Untangle knotted jewelry

Lay the jewelry on a flat surface, sprinkle baby powder and use a pin to gently pull it apart.

3. Use as dry shampoo

If you don’t have time in the morning to wash those locks or run to the store for dry shampoo, try baby powder. A few pats to your roots will eliminate the grease. Make sure to brush through your hair to disperse the powder.


2. Mask the smell of furniture

If you notice your couch or any other furniture might me smelling musky, baby powder should do the trick. Not only will it leave your couch smelling fresh, it should help protect against stains as well.

1. Remove sticky sand

There’s nothing worse than leaving the beach, only to find you’re bringing the entire beach with you. Sprinkle baby powder on your feet and sticky hands, and the sand brushes off easily.


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