Woman Cuts Vodka Out Of Diet, Loses 170 Pounds

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

Meet Misty Mitchell, a 36-year-old mom from Texas. At her heaviest, she weighed almost 300 pounds — she couldn’t even put her socks on without help.

Her daily meals consisted of hamburgers, fried food, ice cream and lots of alcohol. She was consuming nearly 1,000 calories just from vodka daily — about half a liter of vodka every single day!

‘I wasn’t making healthy food choices. I would eat tacos, burgers, fried food, ice cream, just anything all day long,” Misty explained to the Daily Mail.

‘I was eating all day, then drinking by night, then because I was hungover I was eating badly – it was a terrible cycle and amounted to me consuming a lot of calories,” she said.

A few months ago, she was recovering from surgery when she decided to make a huge lifestyle change. Misty cut out the vodka and heavy carbs, and began lifting. Now, she works out about 5 days a week and does yoga, while maintaining a diet of fish and veggies.

‘I’m very proud I managed to turn my life around and I hope that I can inspire other people out there so that they know it is possible, ” she said. You can follow her wellness journey on Instagram.

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