11 Times Doorbell Cameras Recorded Some Super Shady Stuff

If you own a home and don’t have a Ring doorbell, you need to get on that. They record anything that moves by the camera and sometimes it comes in handy when unwanted visitors come to your house. A few of these homeowners are pretty dang glad they didn’t have to get burglarized to learn this fact.

It comes in handy when catching some weird paranormal activity as well! Take a look at some of the top moments ever!

11. This clown is way too scary

This happened a couple of years ago when creepy clowns were scaring the nation it seemed like. Every day there would be a new clown story and honestly why? Can clowns just become extinct already? Nobody that is sane likes them and they really have no purpose…except to scare us!

10. They had second thoughts…

These guys came to the house to probably rob them of their white trash, but once they saw the Ring camera they fled. For some reason they came back though and tried to kick the door down. The homeowner quickly said “Hello!?” and they fled quick. Eventually the two men were arrested after the video went viral around the Dallas area.

9. What is that floating?!

Honestly, I’m just waiting for the horror music to start during this video. Someone walks into the video, leaves something on the porch and leaves. Then whatever the object is, it starts to mysteriously float up. No reason to call the cops on this one, maybe the Ghostbusters though!

8. A ghost…or a bug?

Again Bill Murray might know better on this one, but there’s either a weird dragon ghost floating or it’s just a bug on the lens. Either way it’s freaky and it’s time to move when this happens.

7. Get off my lawn!

At first this guy thought an intruder was creeping just out of view of the camera. But as time goes on he see’s it’s a different type of freak waiting to pounce!

6. Need a bike?

This guy figured he would steal a bike and try and sell it to the next door neighbor. Maybe he should have not made weird gestures towards the camera…he might have been able to actually get the sale if he wasn’t creepy.

5. I clean tiles?

This video is longer than the rest, but it could be boiled down to a few seconds. Apparently he used to clean the tiles for the previous homeowner, and he wants to do the same for this guy. Or maybe he was just trying to case the joint, we will never know.

4. Fire!

This fire across the street was so large, it set off the motion detector on the neighbor’s Ring camera. They got the notification and ran across the street to alert the neighbors who were fast asleep. Everyone got out in time thanks to the quick acting of the selfless neighbors!

3. At least he was honest?

This guy let the Ring user that once he kicked the door in, he was going to smash everything inside the home. Kids just don’t do acid, this is what happens…

2. You’re not Deadpool

Again drugs are bad, mmkay? This guy really wanted to get into this house and it seems as though he climbs over the gate he was trying to break into. Good thing the Ring camera got it all on tape for evidence!

1. Ghost or dust?

This could be nothing or it could be a dang ghost coming back to it’s old home. Whatever it was, it ticked off the motion sensor so it was real!