Woman’s Eyes Are Nearly Swollen Shut After Getting Eyelash Extensions

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One scary story that’s now going viral is warning users of the dangers of false eyelashes.

Ottawa native Isabelle Kun, 20, had just recently gotten a new set of false eyelashes applied by a salon. Two days later, she awakened to find her eyes nearly fully shut as well as difficulty breathing. She went to the emergency room where she was quickly admitted.

“My girlfriend had slept over and I couldn’t even see her. And, I was having a hard time swallowing and even breathing,” she said, according to outlets. “They took me right in within seconds when they saw my face. My eyes are swollen both above and under and my tonsils were apparently really inflamed.”

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It wasn’t Kun’s first time getting the procedure done. In the past, she’s gotten the treatment every few weeks for the past year without any problems. But at her last appointment, she noticed her eyes were only the slightest bit swollen — so she asked the aesthetician the type of glue that was used during the appointment.

While the aesthetician didn’t know the name, she reassured Kun that she “should be good.”

She explained, “So I said okay. I continued with it when I really shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have done it when I heard she didn’t even know what glue she was using or what the ingredients were or anything.”

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