Walmart Employee Gives A Woman A Manicure On Her Lunch Break After A Nail Salon Refused

Nobody should ever be singled out for their race, sex or anything in-between. That’s the problem with society these days, everything is so divided. So it’s nice to hear when two people come together and show that goodness is still at the root of all our hearts.

This small act of kindness comes to us from Walmart of all places, when Ebony Harris helped out a regular customer of hers, Angela Peters. While speaking to Peters, which is something Harris does whenever Peters comes to Walmart, she let her know that she went to a nail salon recently. There she had been refused service because her hands shake too much. This is due to Peters’ disability and obviously can’t be helped.

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Harris couldn’t believe that so she figured she would make this right in her own way. So instead of taking a lunch break, the two went to a nearby table inside the store and Harris did Peters nails like they were at the salon.

Peters told ABC News:

“Ebony is a nice person. I enjoy conversation with her.”

Peters who is 36 has cerebral palsy and has been frequently helped by Harris whenever she is in the store. Harris said:

“I knew her from her coming in here shopping. I’ve helped her shop a couple of times. I just wanted to do her nails and I didn’t want her day to be ruined.”

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It was Harris who was nervous because she didn’t want to mess up her nails. Peters apologized for the shaking but Harris was having none of that.

She continued saying:

“I was a little nervous and was shaking because I didn’t want to mess her nails up.”

Image Via ABC News/Twitter

This all went viral thanks to Tasia Smith who works at the Subway inside the Walmart. She was so taken back by the kind act she was in tears. She took a few photos and posted it on her Facebook and it caught the viral bug.

She captioned the photos with:

“She did great, barely moved & was just so sweet. It’s an absolute shame that they denied her for something so little.”

Image Via ABC News/Twitter

Walmart put out a statement to ABC News as well, saying:

“Ebony simply wanted to make sure our customer’s day was special, and that’s the kind of person she is — someone with a wonderful attitude who goes the extra mile each day to make those around her feel important. We’re not surprised at her act of kindness. Her service to customers defines the spirit of Walmart, and we couldn’t be more proud.”

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Peters had no hard feelings against the nail salon that denied her service also. She said:

“When people do us wrong we must forgive, if not we harbor bitterness. I don’t want anyone fired, I just [want to] educate people that people with different challenges like being in a wheelchair, we can have our own business and get our nails done like anyone else.”

The best part of this friendship is that Peters, Harris as well as Smith have vowed to grab dinner together soon.

And that’s the good power of the internet, something that should be heard by millions!

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