Teen Was Kicked Out Of A Shopping Mall Because Her Shorts Were “Too Short”

This summer has been way too hot. No matter what we do how much people complain about global warming, it seems that nothing can convince people that it’s a real thing. Mother Nature just keeps kicking our butts with heat, and we just have to wear less clothes because that’s the only solution it seems.

It’s hotter than hell down in Alabama these days, so 19-year-old Gabrielle Gibson felt like she would wear some shorts (because you know, she can). She left her home to go shopping but that trip was abruptly ended when a security guard approached her. The man then let her know that her outfit was too inappropriate for her to shop there. This is what she was wearing:

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I’m thinking the security guard must have been 70-years-old and wanted things like they were in the olden days. These shorts are pretty dang normal looking to me…

Gibson spoke to the Mirror and said:

“It made me feel humiliated to be honest. I have been shamed and called every name in the book.

I was just trying to have a good day and walk around the mall.”

Image Via Facebook

She continued onto say:

“When I left the house I felt beautiful and happy about myself, but having grown men attack me about what I’m wearing when I’m just trying to walk around and buy things was just so excessive.

They didn’t have to throw me out. Its a sad day when grown men can’t control themselves. I just don’t want anyone feeling like I did.”

I have to agree with her, why can’t people just let people be…people? After the guy told her she couldn’t continue to shop in those clothes, she posted a status on Facebook and the people of the internet obviously sided with her.

She captioned these photos with:

I was literally harassed and kicked out of the [shopping mall] today because of what I’m wearing.

Apparently grown men couldn’t contain themselves so I get kicked out.

Security officer initiated that he was looking at my a*s cheeks and it was a problem.

Don’t look at my a*s then there’s a thought?

I told them i have bigger thighs and it’s just to hot for jeans that I can’t help they ride up a bit.”

She also shared a sign that hangs at the mall where it says people need to be “fully clothed.”

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The guard even threatened to call the police which I wish he would have. That would have made this story way better to have cops involved in a short shorts debacle. She concluded her post with:

“From what I seen today everyone had short shorties on.

I mean come on it’s August and 100° outside. I don’t know why I was pinpointed.

I’m just disgusted with the behavior of all these people. I was just having a good time trying to look around. Everyone can share this. This whole incident has made me embarrassed.”

Perhaps in 2019 men will learn to just mind their own business when it comes to fashion.

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