The Secret Health Benefits Of Wine Are Actually Pretty Amazing

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At the end of a long day a glass of wine is the perfect way to unwind — but did you know a glass of wine has health benefits?

Here are a few benefits wine has to offer:

Helps you lose weight
A study found that red wine contains the natural compound resveratrol, which can improve physical performance and heart function. The study also found that one glass of red wine can be equivalent to one hour of exercise.


Preserves memory
Resveratrol is also linked to reducing blood clots and blood vessel inflammation, which can cause cognitive decline.


Reduces acne breakouts
Again resveratrol to the rescue — it can help inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria to banish those pesky breakouts.


Improves heart health
Wine contains antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease — these antioxidants can reduce the risk of heart attack by lowering bad cholesterol levels.


Relieves allergies
White wines, like a Sauvignon Blanc, are low in histamines and can help relieve allergy symptoms.


There are conflicting studies on whether or not wine helps you live longer. However researchers found that a happy life is the key to longevity.

So if a glass of wine makes you happy — enjoy it.

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