Woman Arrested After Stalking A Guy And Sending Him 65,000 Messages That She Went On One Date With

There is a whole lot of crazy out there in the world. Just look at the what’s going on in politics! Okay that was a cheap shot, I’m sorry but it was just too easy.

With that said, I don’t think there has been much more of a crazed person than this woman in the news in awhile and that’s saying something.

Meet 31-year-old Jacqueline Ades. She is the definition of someone who can’t take a hint.

Image Via Paradise Valley Police Department

Look at her mugshot, she doesn’t look crazy at all. Just a little bit insane, right?

According to ABC 15, this all started back in July of 2017. She had been parked outside the victim’s house that she had only been on ONE DATE WITH. He called the police after receiving multiple texts from her even though he had made it very clear he wasn’t interested.

Once police came and asked her to leave, the man continued to receive texts which started to become aggressive. The same thing happened months later in December but the police weren’t able to find her.

Image Via Maricopa County Court

Then it got a bit more freaky. Later on in April the victim called the police a third time (you would think a restraining order would have been filed at this point) and that’s the woman broke into the mans house. Thankfully(?) the man was out of the country but he was checking his security cameras and that’s when he saw her inside his house.

Police came and she was taking a bath when they entered. The police also searched her car and found a large butcher knife on the passengers seat. They promptly took her into custody and she was charged with trespassing.

Image Via ABC15 Arizona

You think that’s where this crazy story ends? Nope! It continues to a crazy obsession that really only psychopaths can make happen. Once she was released from jail that’s when the onslaught of texts began.

These texts aren’t things like, “I love you, we should be together forever.” No they were “Charles Manson” level of crazy.

According to court paperwork she texted things like:

“Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t wanna be a murderer”

“Oh what would I do w ur blood! I’d want to bathe in it. I’m like Hitler…man was a genius.”



Somehow she was interviewed by the media and some of the stuff she said was just as batsh*t crazy as you’d expect. She said, “I felt like I met my soul mate and everything was just the way it was. I thought we would do what everybody else did, but that’s not what happened.”

Now while this happened in Arizona, I have just tell you this because it just makes too much sense. Once she is released she plans to return to Florida! Just when you think Florida can’t produce anything crazier they come out and give us the craziest story of the year so far.