See The Changes Donald Trump Made To The Oval Office

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President Trump is known for his attention to decor. His penthouse, for example, is decked out in gold and Louis XIV-inspired furniture. The Oval Office, as it turns out, is no different.

The White House Facebook page just released a 360 look of the Oval Office, and the difference between his and former President Obama’s is already apparent.

Image Via Getty/Facebook
Image Via Getty/Facebook

The wall decor of the Oval Office has stayed put, but President Trump changed the furniture. Gone is the leather upholstery of the seats; they now have yellow fabric. The couches and tables have also been swapped.

Image Via Getty/Facebook

Trump switched up the chairs, as well as what he has on his desk. What’s also noticeable is that the current president has much fewer photos on his back table. The chairs at the side of the desk are gone as well.

Image Via Getty/Facebook

President Trump changed the office floor carpet, but the seal remains. Obama had apples on his table, while it appears that Trump keeps flowers.

Check out the 360 view of the Oval for yourself:

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