This Guy Makes Balloon Animal Art That Needs To Be In A Dang Art Museum

I remember going to birthday parties as a kid and hating the clowns there. I’m pretty sure many people share this same hatred for clowns but they were good for one thing.

Giving away balloon animals.

Now normally we would be impressed by a snake or a flower if you are a skilled clown. But artist, Masayoshi Matsumoto, is a true artist when it comes to balloon animals. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Matsumoto says:

“I started making balloon art 10 years ago, when I got involved in the juggling community. I taught myself.”

Yeah these are amazing in every sense of the word, so check them out for yourself. If you feel like it, give Matsumoto a follow here!

23. Football Fish

22. Indian Rose-necked Parakeet

21. Violin Beetle

20. Pelican

19. Crab

18. Eel

17. Capybara

16. Earwig

15. Ermine

14. Owl

13. Siamang

12. Bee

11. Emperor Penguin Chick

10. Longhorn Beetle

9. Hedgehog

8. Crested Ibis

7. Deer

6. Firefly

5. Blobfish

4. Morel Mushrooms

3. Beef Cattle

2. Rabbit

1. Orchid Mantis