This Is The Most Disgusting Spot In Your Fridge, According To Scientists

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Even if you think your fridge might be organized and clean, there may be some gross dangers lurking inside.

Packed with foods that are sometimes unwrapped and smelly, it’s actually one of dirtiest places in your kitchen — and the dirtiest spot of it all is actually your salad drawer.


According to scientists, the drawer that holds lettuce and other vegetables may contain a whopping 8,000 bacteria for every square centimeter! That’s nearly 800 times the level of bacteria considered safe for humans, The Daily Mail reports.


Not only may your salad drawer have bacteria like salmonella and E. Coli, but it may contain listeria as well. Uh, ew!


Doctors are recommending that people to store their perishable items neatly, well covered and well spaced. Also, make sure to clean that salad drawer with hot, soapy water frequently.


You may even want to wash and scrub fruits and vegetables before you store them away, not just before you eat them!

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