Drake Visits 11-Year-Old Heart Transplant Patient Who Posted A “Kiki Challenge” Video With Her Wheelchair

As much as you can hate on internet challenges, sometimes good comes from them. I can’t say this for the ‘Salt And Ice Challenge’ or the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ but we finally have a reason not to hate on the most recent “Kiki Challenge.”

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, just know the “Kiki Challenge” is where you blast “In Your Feelings” by Drake in your car and dance outside of it. The challenge has gotten a lot of flack from people across the internet. There have been some amazing ones…

But of course this is the internet so we have the best fails too, and these have gotten much more coverage that the winners.

Note: this one is not real

Now that you get what we are talking about when the words Kiki and Challenge are combined, so let’s get back to the reason we are here. Drake was in Chicago and he had heard about a little girl that had done the Kiki Challenge at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. She’s an 11-year-old heart transplant patient named Sofia Sanchez.

So he did the next logical thing and went to visit her. Can Drake really do anything wrong? When he walked in she pretty much lost her mind and was speechless. She did let out an, “OH MY GOD!” though.

Drake posted an image on Instagram saying that the two talks about things such as “Bieber and Owls and Basketball.” I mean wouldn’t those be the top three things you would talk to Drake about? If you thought owls was a weird one, it’s just because that’s part of his OVO logo.

They also took a bunch of selfies and Instagram videos. Drake even sang God’s Plan for her, so she got her own personal Drake concert! Drake is such a good guy, helping Sophia forget about her situation just for a second.

Sophia’s cardiologist, Dr Bradley Marino, said:

“Having this one special day where she doesn’t have to be a sick patient and doesn’t have to be a girl waiting for a heart, it’s just a little girl who’s a fan of a great artist, it’s pretty special.”

Sophia underwent open heart surgery just three weeks ago to help her heart have better blood flow. She is now awaiting a new heart to come available on the transplant list.

We sure hope she gets it soon, because she has many more viral videos to make!

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