Instagram Model Conned A Bunch Of Dudes On Tinder To Compete For Her Love

When Tinder first came out, I remember it was a weird magical world to live in. You could meet anyone and you never really knew who you were going to meet even if you talked to them for a week. Our parents used to tell us to not talk to strangers and look where that got us, right?

Fast forward to 2018 where online dating is basically the norm, and we are meeting strangers right and left. That’s where we find ourselves with Natasha Aponte. She’s basically just an Instagram model who made a scary plan of inviting a whole bunch of dudes from dating apps on the same date.

It’s very much so in the style of Hunger Games, all we are missing is someone volunteering as tribute. I don’t even know why you would want to win this, this girl is clearly insane.

She basically told all the dudes to meet in Union Square, New York and way too many did it. Look at this video with all the dude’s having the same expression on their faces.

Her plan backfired for one guy, Misha, who posted his whole account of the story on Twitter. It’s safe to say he and the rest of the dudes were took on one crazy ride.

Can you just think if a dude would have done this move? The ladies would have rioted in the streets and come together. Some of these dudes just kept going with it and I guess she won at the end of the day.

Many people were blown away by what she had done:

Apparently this was all a part of a elaborate ploy for a viral video and it’s working. In a video from DJ Nick AM, you can hear her “Hunger Games” speech and hear her saying:

“I am single … dating apps are very difficult, and I said, Okay, how do I solve this problem … maybe I can bring everyone in person and see how that goes and solve this once and for all. So do you have what it takes to compete against everyone here to win a date with me…look around the crowd, can you last longer than all these other guys?

Then she started eliminating people. Anyone that supported Trump could leave, any tourists could leave and apparently anyone named Jimmy. She said, “I don’t enjoy the name Jimmy.” WELL WHY DID YOU INVITE THEM THEN!?

In a DM with Select All, Natasha said that this was for a viral video campaign and that, “We will be releasing something on Thursday with all relevant information.”

If you’re interested in hearing the ending to this weird story, you can follow here on Instagram and await whatever they have in store for Thursday!