Superheroes Surprised This Boy After He Had Only One Friend Show Up To His Birthday Party

Growing up is hard and I can only assume that it’s become harder with kids having access to the internet all the time. Life was particularly rough for a boy, Max, celebrating his seventh birthday.

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He had a party set for 30 of his closest classmates at a trampoline park. I don’t know about you, but I would be at that party for sure! Sadly though only one classmate and his sister showed up to the party. Instead of saying, “Hey that’s life kid” his mom called The Buzz, a local radio station in Houston, Texas to just share how disappointed her and her son, Max was.

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It turns out that someone special was listening to the other end of the radio, Wonder Woman! Well it wasn’t Gal Gadot but it was Brandi Coatsworth who cosplays as Wonder Woman. She’s a member of a cosplay group, Houston Cosplay for Charity, and wanted to help.

So she rounded up all her best friends including Batman, Deadpool, Captain America, Starlord and more and they surprised him at a party that they and Max’s mother organized.

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Susan spoke about how it all came about in an interview:

“Anyone who knows Max and his story was just heartbroken for him. He’s such a great, kind kid that it’s hard to hear something like that happened.

When [the radio show] forwarded Brandi’s email, I was floored. I had no idea something like that would or could happen.

I wasn’t looking to get anything out of it, or any attention at all. The fact that Brandi and Houston Cosplay for Charity jumped in the same day my email was read on the air made my heart smile.”

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She went onto say:

“The superheroes jumped in our corner without a second thought and have done more than anyone could ask to make sure Max had the best birthday ever.

I will never be able to thank them enough.”

You can see on the face of Max in the video below that he was also very impressed. He gives a big hug to each hero as they walk in, and I wish my birthday party could be this cool!

Brandi also spoke about the event, saying:

“Seeing the pure joy on his face is why we do what we do, and it really warmed our hearts to see such a sweet child so happy.

The short amount of time you take to do something special can have a huge impact on that person’s life.”

You can take a look at the Houston Cosplay for Charity’s Facebook page here to follow more of their good deeds around the area!

Images Via Chron

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