26 Of The Most Amazing Cosplayers From This Year’s Comic Con 2018

Comic Con is one of the coolest gatherings of any type of people in the world I think. It’s a place where anyone can totally nerd out, no matter who they are. Now while they happen all over, the San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest in the world. So we’ve gathered some of the best images since I know you didn’t all make it this year.

Next year is the 50th anniversary there, so expect bigger and better cosplays for sure!

26. Jon Snow hanging with Thanos

25. Aaron Paul came out with the most AWWWW Moment of the whole Comic Con with his daughter in her best Heisenberg gear.

24. Poison Ivy, DC

23. Wonder Woman, DC

22. Darth Donald Trump Vader

21. Hawkgirl, DC

20. Ezra Miller As Toadette

19. Living Dead Dolls Pinhead, Hellraiser

18. Iron Man, Marvel

17. Widowmaker, Overwatch

16. Monster Hunter: World

15. Deadpool, Marvel

14. Austin Powers And Tommy Wiseau

Image Via Imgur

13. Scooby Gang, Scooby Doo

12. Hera Syndulla, Star Wars

11. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

10. Darth Maul, Star Wars

9. Yondu And Groot, Marvel

8. Davy Jones

7. Mantis, Gamora And Nebula, Marvel

6. Grimace Thanos, Marvel

5. Greta Gremlin, Gremlins 2

4. Thor, Vision And Scarlet Witch

3. Cholo Thanos, Marvel

2. Sally And Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

1. Beast Killer Belle