Bar Has Clever Tactic To Prevent Sexual Violence

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Sexual assault has been a controversial topic that’s come to the forefront of the news as of late. Thankfully, this is raising awareness for the heinous crime. A town in England’s city council has recently began a campaign to help stop it.

Twitter user Isobel O’Brien noticed the campaign when she was in a bar, and took to Twitter to share it:

As part of the #NoMore campaign, people can walk up to the bar and “ask for Angela” if they are feeling uncomfortable. The bar staff will then be aware you want to get out of this situation, and help you.

“It gives those who may be uncomfortable asking for help or saying no to a date etc an opportunity to do it in a discreet manner,” she told Buzzfeed News. “It’s useful to have it in place as a safety net.”

Others loved the idea as well: the tweet went viral, generating thousands of likes and retweets. “I definitely didn’t expect it to go viral,” O’Brien said, “but I’m really pleased that it has as I shared it to spread awareness.”

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