17 Of The Best Teacher Hacks That Will Save You Money

When you’re a teacher, you really have to be creative with your money. Not only do you not get paid enough for your own life, you also don’t get reimbursed when it comes to making your students happy. These hacks that you are about to see won’t only be easier on your pocket book, but will brighten your student’s day.

17. “I make these at the start of each school year so they can quickly and easily erase their dry erase boards. Super easy and fun!”

16. “Another favorite in my classroom! Anytime someone forgets to put their name on an assignment, it hangs here! Surprisingly, there are none hanging today!”

15. “The PERFECT setup for headphone storage. She uses a hanging shoe rack!”

14. “I was inspired by @bloomingwithmrsflores when she washed her student scissors in the dishwasher earlier this Summer. It worked out great! I soaked mine in very warm water for about five minutes before putting them in the dishwasher. It feels great to be able to take like-new scissors back into my classroom!”

13. “Today was our first day back and the sticky note reminders were out of control! So glad to have them all in one place!”

12. “Jumping on the ‘Push Light’ bandwagon. Excited to trial this in my classroom!”

11. “Hot glue on top of painters tape to protect your walls and keep things hanging on the wall all year long!”

10. “Getting ready for the new school year. Excited to try math journals!” Cut the journals in half since kids never use the whole page anyway!

9. “Love this little trick I’ve seen floating around-use the oil based sharpie paint pen to write names on desk. When you want to take it off, color over it with expo maker”

8. “On my last trip I grabbed some of these paint chips. A fun way to teach children how to read and sound out words!”

7. “Scored these teal buckets at the @dollartree, 2 for $1! I added @teachloveandicedcoffee adorable pencil tags… and I fell in Love!” This way the kids won’t have to waste time sharpening!

6. “Today I soaked my glue bottle tops in vegetable oil. I also used scotch tape to strengthen the crayon boxes, starting on the inside flap and going around the back and on to secure the bottom. I also number my students supplies so that they learn to be responsible and take care of them.”

5. “These simple crayon labels help students QUICKLY grab a replacement crayon OR return lost ones. Got my bins from Amazon. I use glue dots from Amazon to hold the labels on the outside. Mine have now been on for two years!”

4. “One of my favorite things I’ve learned: when glue sticks dry out have your kids put the caps back in with the glue sticks (or in a container somewhere else). That way when you can’t find a lid for a glue stick you’ve got some!”

3. “DIY READING STRIPS I love using reading strips with my students who struggle to maintain focus while reading. To make these, I used left over laminating strips and highlighter tape that I found in the @targetsdollarspot 🎯 SO easy and inexpensive to make!”

2. “1.Get a plastic container ($ Store) 2.Get a sponge that fits ($ Store) 3.Empty the glue in the container 4.Kids just touch piece to be glued to the sponge It stays pretty much forever, just flip sponge if it gets dry or spritz with water”

1. “TEACHER *TIP cut erasers in half and write numbers on them. My kids get two big erasers, cut into four pieces. The eraser sticks are at my table for guided reading and writing conferences.”