Dwarf ‘Banned’ From His College’s Cooking Course Because He Was A Safety Risk

College is hard enough these days with the endless homework, projects and oh yeah managing to have a social life too. I think that last part should be a priority over everything but maybe that’s why I graduated with a 3.3 GPA. Anyways, recently Louis Makepeace, a student that attends Heart of Worcestershire College in England, was turned away from a certain class.

Louis was wanting to take the a Hospitality and Catering course, but the college eventually turned him away. Louis has dwarfism and stands just 3ft 10in. The college stated that he was too small for the kitchen.

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Louis was heartbroken by the decision and said:

“It was really upsetting as I had my heart set on this course. We are supposed to have equality of opportunity yet I’m not allowed to do something I love doing.

They are simply not prepared to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate me such as making the surfaces and hobs lower.”

He went onto say:

“We were prepared to be flexible and my mum said I could maybe do the cooking at home whilst the new equipment was installed but they kept saying no.

They said I would be a health and safety risk and disruption to the other students and get in their way, which was really humiliating.

It really has dented my confidence. How am I ever supposed to get the culinary skills that’s going to get me a job in a catering environment?”

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Louis also said he was a big fan of Gino D’Acampo, but perhaps he could make room in his heart for a new favorite chef.

Someone heard the news about this terrible discrimination and Tweeted a question to Gordon Ramsey.

He then Tweeted an amazing response back to which I think Louis should get on this offer right away!

Louis had said about the ordeal:

“I just want to be treated as a normal person without them laughing at me and go around and do quite normal stuff.”

I think that’s exactly what Gordon is doing, which is so nice and refreshing to see. The chef is usually one of the coldest out there when it comes to replying to things on Twitter.

Others commented on Gordon’s Tweet:

“Do it! He will make a great chef, and will be a fantastic apprentice simply because he has the passion to do it.

I really hope you give this young man a chance, and learning from you he could have a stellar career ahead of him.”

“This is why I have a lot of respect for Gordon.”

Others speculated on if Gordon would really come through, but if he’s offering it I doubt he’d ever go back on his word.

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It seems like all this is moving too fast for the Heart of Worcestershire College. A spokesperson let out a statement saying:

“As the student’s place at the college is still under discussion, we do not wish to make a comment.”

If they were smart they would have rescinded their awful decision immediately once this discrimination went viral.

We will keep you updated if Gordon and Louis actually link up!

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