New Craze Amongst High Schoolers Is Extremely Dangerous

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Some trends among teenagers, like the mannequin challenge, are relatively harmless. Others, however, have the potential to be dangerous — even deadly.


High schoolers in Australia have started doing what they call “balcony hops“: attempting to move from one hotel room to another by hopping on balconies. These have been on vacations during an Australian tradition called “Schoolies Week,” similar to spring break, which happens for three weeks in November.

In a Snapchat video acquired by Australian news outlet News 7, a young girl is seen balcony hopping:

The identity of the girl in the terrifying video has not been made. Unfortunately, stunts like these aren’t new. In 2012, an Australian teen died after a fall from a balcony.

Police in Queensland, Australia sent out a blast warning those against balcony hops:

The tweet urged teenagers to make good decisions and look out for their friends.

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