Here’s How Much Contestants On ‘The Amazing Race’ Make

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If you’re an adventure seeker and a lover of reality TV, then you’ve probably considered applying for Amazing Race at some point in your life. From contestants uncovering clues in a rat-infested Indian labyrinth to diving into an ice river and swimming to an exit hole, the show is filled with action and suspense.


While the intense challenges and country hopping are two encouraging reasons to be on the show, the payout each season’s winner receives is a great incentive, too.

Each season, the first two-person team to fully complete the last challenge wins $1 million — but they aren’t the only contestants who make money.


According to fan site TARflies, Aaron from season 6 of the show revealed that the second place team took home $25,000 and the third place team took home $10,000.

Aaron went on to explain that every team earned money — the team that came in dead last actually went home with $1,500.


Cash prizes isn’t the only compensation, either. Contestants can receive anything from a new car to paid trips to any country in the world. The only catch to receiving the prizes is that the winners must claim them on their federal income tax returns.

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