This Barber With No Hands Is Inspiring Millions

When it comes to cutting hair, precision is the name of the game.

Which makes the haircuts on display at one Argentinian barbershop all the more impressive.

You see, this barber was born without both of his hands.

Gabriel Heredia has become an inspiration in his home country and abroad by exhibiting a level of dexterity most barbers with 10 fingers can only dream of.

Heredia says strong support from his friends and family encouraged him to live his life to the fullest despite his disability.

In fact, he began cutting hair by following in his mother’s footsteps. At the age of 14 he began to take interest in her work as a hairdresser.

“This being a barber came up eight years ago when my mom was a hairdresser and I had all of her tools, and I started to get curious to start grabbing the machines and start cutting.”

Although turning his skill into a profession didn’t happen until later.

“At first I took it as a hobby; and afterwards I took it more seriously when I saw that I liked it more and I started to cheer up. I liked it and now I love doing this. It’s a passion for me.”

He began working professionally in the Argentinian city of San Isidro. It was there he met the president of Argentina Corta, a charitable organization that offers assistance to barbers from around the country in addition to other community-building efforts like barber competitions, where Heredia is said to be a formidable opponent.

He then moved to Buenos Aires where he cuts hair today. And he gives back to the charity that helped him.

“I also participate in Corta Argentina. We do solidarity events, we help the soup kitchens, solidarity courts. I love people.”

And in spite of everything, Heredia says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I give thanks for being born this way, because thanks to this I never set limits.”

It just goes to show that Mr. Heredia is truly a cut above the rest.