After Racist Student Trolls Another Student With Blackface, School Responds But Is It Enough?

Here’s a quick guide to know if you should ever use blackface, I hope you can follow along.

Should you do blackface? No you shouldn’t.

Easy enough right? Well it seems that these very simple thoughts didn’t go through this student’s or her parents heads because we are finding ourselves in this terrible situation. Taylor Carpenter, who is a student at Fishers High School in Indiana, got in a high school drama fight with another student who is black. Instead of calling her names like a normal high school kid, she went home and got into blackface and posted images online.

Someone else shared the images posted on Facebook and that got shared thousands of times. The post read:

“This is Taylor Carpenter.
She is a student at Fishers High School.
Taylor got into a dispute with a black girl named Destini and decided to make fun of Destini’s 1 month old baby by calling her a monkey and doing black face. Facebook, do your thing.”

Image Via Facebook

Her profile on Facebook has gone into private mode, but people are still able to share her normal profile picture and then comment on that. It’s safe to say she’s been getting dragged online.

Some comments read:

“This girl is a racist, she likes to put on blackface and call African American babies monkeys! She is a piece of white trash! Whose boyfriend looks like he is 12. She is basically a white supremacist. She loves to mock the African American race by wearing black face.”

“Hey look everyone! It’s a racist!”

“This the girl that made the black face ??? First of all she needs to find out where her damn lip disappeared”

Image Via Facebook

Someone else who claimed to be a fellow student of Carpenter’s also said this isn’t the first time she has been a racist.

Image Via Facebook

Now this seems something that the school should be addressing you know since racism of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated. But their response going forward sounds like something that might come out of the mouth of the current POTUS. They said:

That was posted last Saturday and as of right now, we still haven’t heard anything about disciplining Carpenter. Hopefully someday people will learn that they can’t just post anything they want on social media. There must be reprimand.

For example this company acted swiftly to make sure nothing would ever happen like this again:

A St. Louis woman was just trying to get a job when an employer let her know they wouldn’t even be considering her because of her name.

Hermeisha Robinson was applying to Mantality Health in St. Louis, Missouri when she got a very disturbing message.

The position was for a customer service representative and it seems that whoever responded needs to take some notes on customer service. She posted a screenshot of how someone from Mantality Health responded to her. She captioned the screenshot with:

“My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second guessing my name, trying to figure out if my name is really that ‘ghetto.'”

What is even more disconcerting is that she isn’t the only woman that got this message. According to KMOV, Dorneshia Zachery also received this same note.

Zachery said:

“The company looked at my name and said we don’t care about what you’ve done in life your name is going to dismiss you completely.”

While Mantality Health didn’t deny the messages, they did say they thought they were hacked. Even Police have gotten involved due to the alleged hacking. CEO of Mantality said, “This is not a reflection of who we are as a company. This is deplorable.”