Can You Find The Cellphone Hidden On This Rug?

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Move over, Dudolf — there’s a new, mind-blowing “hidden object” sweeping the web.

A woman in the Philippines shared an image on Facebook on July 2 that has even the most advanced internet puzzle-solvers in a tizzy.

“Let’s play a game. Look for the cell phone [sic],” reads the caption on Jeya May Cruz’s photo.

Sounds simple enough — except the phone’s floral case is so similar to the carpet’s pattern that the device is rendered nearly invisible.

Since it was posted, the photo has amassed over 18,000 shares and 140,000 likes.

Cruz has even apologized for making everyone’s “eyes hurt and head ache” since the photo went viral — an apology to which we say, too little, too late.

So,have you found it yet?

To save your sanity, we’ll give you a hint: Look by the table’s right leg.

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