Seven-Year-Old Goes To Claires For Ear Piercing And Immediately Has To Go To The Emergency Room

Going to Claires as a little kid is every little girl’s dream. They just want to look grown up and part of that is getting their ears pierced at Claires. I remember my sister begging our parents to go until they finally let her one weekend.

It seems that that was seven-year-old Lily Nesbet’s dream as well but it all came with a bit of pain as well. Her and her mother had gone to Claire’s to get her ear pierced and they thought that was going to be the end of the story.

Image Via Mercury Press

This happened in Harlow, North London and several weeks later Lily had a lot of pain near where she had been pierced. Her and her mother rushed to the hospital where staff eventually had to removed pieces of the earring from her ear with a scalpel.

Lily was in so much pain she needed to be given oxygen and gas as well as a anesthetic due to how much pain she was in.

Image Via Mercury Press

Lily’s mother, Suzie, feels like this is due to Claire’s instructions on how to care for the piercing after it happened. She said that she waited the prescribed about of time and then changed out the first set of earrings. Once that happened though she started showing signs of an infection within a few days.

Suzie said to the Mercury Press:

“We didn’t think it was possible for the back to get stuck in her ear due to the size of it and searched her bed to try and find it. I couldn’t push the earring back or forwards, it was absolutely horrible.”

Image Via Mercury Press

She continued to tell her horrific story about how her daughter went through too much pain:

“At that point they said it was too embedded and that she would need to use a scalpel. Those 20 minutes felt like four hours, it was so traumatising for us all.

When the needle went into her ear it obviously really hurt her as it was so sensitive, and she screamed out. She was then properly crying too, it was horrendous.

When the anesthetic kicked in the nurse got the scalpel and had to re-open the wound and pop it out. It was horrific watching her go through such agony.”

The two have vowed never to walk into a Claire’s ever again due to this awful experience. Suzie was told in the store that it would only take three weeks to heal but since then she has learned that time is more like six weeks.

A statement from Claire’s reads:

“Our piercing procedure and all of our piercing instruments, supplies and earrings are designed to promote the safest and most hygienic piercing experience.

The rapid after care lotion is dermatologist and pediatrician tested for the effective care of the pierced ear. Three weeks of use is an appropriate and approved length of time. The Rapid lotion is safe, and allergy tested, and its soothing formula is skin friendly.”

Image Via Mercury Press

So if you are thinking about taking your girl to Claire’s think twice about how to care for it!