High School Senior Goes Viral After Tweeting The Simple Facts Of Vaccinations

Vaccinations work, to prove this theory look around you right now. Do you see anyone with polio? No? That’s because we don’t have to live in the 1950’s anymore because science!

Some people try and prove that vaccinations can lead to autism but there is no scientific proof to this thought. Yet somehow there is still many people that don’t think vaccinations work.

Recently a high school senior, Taylor Sharp, wrote a thesis paper on this exact subject went viral after posting her findings on Twitter. Now if a high school senior can figure these simple facts out, why can’t adults?

She began her thread by saying, “I actually did my senior paper on vaccinations so let me hit you with the facts real quick.”

Don’t worry these facts also include related gifs so if you have a hard time following along, just enjoy the moving pictures.

90%! That’s science and why would you not vaccinate with that type of research?

I guess this is why Fake News has spread so easily, people believe wrong these from the internet.

She explains how easy it is to pass on the disease especially with children…

Then she combatted the notion of vaccines being related to autism.

She concludes with the fact that the US gives us the power to make these diseases disappear for good.

Many applauded her research, and really it’s crazy that adult parents can’t do this research on their own. Even the experts loved her thread!

So where is Sharp going after high school? It seems that this fall she will be attending Slippery Rock University according to Scary Mommy. She won’t studying medicine, but she will be studying international education which she thinks can help her spread her message about vaccinations even further. Great work Taylor!